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Linebooker – SA’s home grown ‘Uber of trucking, in four years already the size of Big Four, growing at over 10% a month.

Linebooker is die Uber vir logistiek en vervoerbedryf

Linebooker CEO, Naudé Rademan, tells BizNews editor Alec Hogg about Linebooker’s successful business model in this podcast episode of BizNews Radio.

Four years ago,  Naudé Rademan and Nick Hoffman, long-time supply chain warehouse logistics and supply chain executives, founded Linebooker, the ‘Uber’ of trucking.

They used their insights to work out a tech-driven solution for some obvious problems for both transporters and those who needed freight moved.

Backed by Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Capital, their disruptive business has boomed, and is continuing to grow exponentially as participants in the highly fragmented industry become exposed to the benefits of greater efficiencies, lower cost and improved cashflow.

In this podcast, Rademan takes BizNews editor, Alec Hogg through the business model which has already made Linebooker into an operation rivalling SA’s Big Four logistics groups – and explains why it is delivering over 10% a month compounded growth that’s expected to continue for years to come.

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Linebooker has revolutionised transport and logistics, offering customers and transporters a digital solution that is simple and transparent. For more information, contact Linebooker at +27212016969 or send an email to

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