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A seamless process for freight management and fleet operations

A seamless process for freight managers and fleet operations

For freight customers

At Linebooker, we offer two distinct service channels tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Comprehensive transport solutions. If your requirement calls for a full transport solution based on fixed lane rates and a carefully selected group of transport service providers, we invite you to reach out to our team. We’ll guide you through the seamless process to meet your unique logistics needs.
  2. Short-term trucking services for those seeking immediate access to trucks, our self-help process is designed for your convenience. Simply follow the steps below to publish your load, and a dedicated Linebooker controller will be in touch promptly to assist you further.

Register online (takes 5 minutes)

Follow instructions and Plan & publish your delivery request

Multiple pre-approved transporters can bid for your loads

You can choose to accept/decline the lowest bid

Linebooker takes care of all operations, risk and payment

For fleet operators

Linebooker offers two distinct service channels designed to maximise your fleet’s potential:

  1. Fixed contract lane rates. A significant portion of Linebooker’s available loads, approximately 95%, operates on fixed contract lane rates. These opportunities are accessible through tender submissions, providing consistent and dependable freight volumes for your fleet.
  2. Bidding Platform for excess fleet. To optimise your excess fleet capacity, we allocate approximately 5% of available loads to our Bidding platform. This allows you to efficiently utilise your surplus resources when needed most.

Once your company undergoes our vetting and approval process, you will also receive multiple invitations each month to participate in tenders for fixed contract work, in addition to daily opportunities for ad-hoc Bidding loads.

At Linebooker, we understand the diverse needs of our customers, and our service channels are designed to cater to both immediate requirements and long-term partnerships.

Register online & upload all required documentation (takes 5 minutes)

Linebooker will vet your business. Once approved, you will receive tender invitations and be able to log-on to the Linebooker platform

Receive multiple load requests for booking or bidding

Submit competitive bids or book loads allocated by your direct customer

After bidding or booking: update truck details, load updates and POD (Linebooker always pays on time)


Savings: 14%

Peak season truck supply:  100%

Years of service: 3

Linebooker Pty (Ltd) – Main Office
Contact number: 021 201 6969
Address: Farm 1, Ground Floor, Building C, The Vineyards Office Estate, 99 Jip De Jager Dr, de Bron, Cape Town, 7530

Linebooker (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg Office
Contact number: 021 201 6969
Address: 20 Rosebank Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg