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Linebooker: Streamlining transport for its JSE Top 40 clients

Linebooker: Streamlining transport for its JSE Top 40 clients

Apr 10, 2024


The digital era has ushered in a wave of innovation that has revolutionised the way we conduct business, communicate, and interact with the world around us. One of the most remarkable facets of this transformation is the emergence of platforms. A prime example of such a platform is Linebooker, a transport tech platform that highlights the true potential of network effects.

Linebooker has built Africa’s largest network of 21,200 trucks from 1020 pre-vetted transport companies. Providing customers, secured truck supply at reduced lane rates. This transporter network is managed by the Linebooker platform (Africa’s only Total Freight Control Tower) supported by a professional operations team.

The Linebooker process and business model has delivered remarkable results at several of South Africa’s largest corporates, JSE Top 40 companies, mines and brands across all sectors and industries. There is definite trend visible across all customers no matter the sector they operate in, complexity or volumes:

  • Large reach online tender process delivered reduced lane rates of more than 10%.
  • Quick coordination with a network of transport companies ensured consistent truck supply at
  • 99.7%+ including seasonal months.
  • Accurate allocation to transport companies as per tender selection increased savings
  • delivered.
    Linebooker acting as the aggregating vendor and POD turnaround time released significant cash flow for customers.

Linebooker addressing logistics pain points

Linebooker effectively tackles logistics pain points by developing powerful technology solutions combined with professional operations teams.

Legacy pain point 1: Limited reach, long tender process, or no tender process.

  • Linebooker Tender Platform: Tech-driven online procurement platform with database of over 1020 pre vetted transport providers (21,200+ trucks) ensuring optimal market rates and high-capacity fulfilment within 2 weeks.

Legacy pain point 2: Operational execution and visibility post tender.

  • Linebooker Operations Platform: Single real-time platform to effectively manage and uphold current agreements with carriers: volume allocation, vehicle availability, route changes, proof of deliveries, payments, and service level commitments.
  • Linebooker Operations Team: For comprehensive support across the delivery cycle. This encompasses various operational tasks such as execution, expediting, risk management, administrative and financial responsibilities, including the management of transporters.
  • Linebooker Tracking aggregations platform (Linetracker): Tracking platform that integrates with any tracking unit to give live updates on Linebooker platform.

Legacy pain point 3: Consistent truck supply on short notice or in congested seasonal periods.

  • Linebooker Bidding Platform: Allows immediate entry to a wide network of around 21,200 vehicles. Potential to access market that can lead to lower transport costs and a boost in truck availability.

Legacy pain point 4: Lack of available data and reporting.

  • Linebooker Data and Reporting: Measuring KPIs via platform offers precise, measurable data over a defined period, which is immediately available.

CASE STUDY: Optimising logistics of a JSE Top 40 company

Objective: Customer A sought to lower transportation expenses and improve the dependability of truck supply.

Approach: Leveraged Linebooker’s vast network of 1020+ transport firms and 21,200+ trucks.


  • Achieved a 12% reduction in transport costs/lane rates.
  • Maintained 99.8% consistency in truck supply, even for large, same-day orders.
  • Replicated similar efficiency gains across other JSE Top 40 companies and various size businesses.

The Platforms have demonstrated a remarkable ability to foster powerful networking, amplifying their impact and reshaping industries in unprecedented ways.

Linebooker’s evolution from a startup to Southern Africa’s largest freight platform demonstrates how innovation and technology revolutionise traditional sectors. Continuously enhancing and broadening its solutions, Linebooker promises regional businesses unprecedented logistic efficiencies and cost savings, embodying a true industry revolution with its blend of innovation and expert operations.

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