Our offerings for fleet owners and transporters

Our offerings for fleet owners and transporters

Unlock access
to africa’s largest transport customer base

Join Linebooker’s network and gain direct access to the most extensive transport customer base across Africa. Benefit from the fact that 95% of loads are secured through fixed contracts via tender rate submissions.

your cash flow confidence

Linebooker has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to paying transporters promptly. Don’t take our word for it; ask your industry peers for references. Partner with us to operate your business without the risk of late or non-payment. Linebooker guarantees on-time payments upon submission of Proof of Delivery (POD), typically within 30 days from your statement.

Seize transport
procurement opportunities

Receive exclusive invitations to participate in customer transport tenders, opening doors to secure contract volumes from reputable businesses in a transparent manner. Linebooker regularly releases several significant tenders each month, providing valuable opportunities for your business.

Unlock network
benefits for transporters

At Linebooker, we empower transporters with a range of advantages::

• Select the loads you prefer, without the obligation to tender for all volumes.
• Tap into a vast network and gain access to return loads from various regions, courtesy of Linebooker’s expansive customer base.
• Enjoy preferential pricing on diesel, insurance, and settlements.
• Relieve the burden of sales and administrative tasks from your team. Linebooker expertly manages these aspects, allowing you to focus on expanding your fleet.

through our allocation platform

Leverage our cloud-based transport management system to streamline fleet management. Reduce the workload for your controllers and drivers while enhancing operational efficiency.

Seize opportunities
with bidding platform

Utilise excess fleet capacity or available return loads to the fullest. Access a comprehensive list of available loads at any time and secure additional freight for your fleet without concerns about payment. Place live bids on loads and secure freight within just 30 minutes.

Harness the power
of live data & analytics

Gain complete visibility into tenders and loads through Linebooker. Access real-time insights, transparency on lane rates, volumes, and performance, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimise your operations.

Linebooker is your partner in success, offering a suite of tools and services designed to elevate your business in the transport industry. Join us today and experience the future of logistics.


Savings: 8-11%

Peak season truck supply:  99.8%

Years of service: 3

Linebooker Pty (Ltd) – Main Office
Contact number: 021 201 6969
Address: Farm 1, Ground Floor, Building C, The Vineyards Office Estate, 99 Jip De Jager Dr, de Bron, Cape Town, 7530

Linebooker (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg Office
Contact number: 021 201 6969
Address: 20 Rosebank Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg