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  • Linebooker CEO Naudé Rademan

FOCUS introduces Linebooker CEO, Naudé Rademan

Apr 11th, 2022|Tags: |

FOCUS Business & Lifestyle Magazine introduces Linebooker's Naudé Rademan FOCUS Business & Lifestyle introduces the remarkable Naudé Rademan, Linebooker’s dynamic and charismatic helmsman. Naudé has been entrenched in logistics since he graduated, initially with UTI, Vector Logistics and then as MD at CCS Logistics, part of the Oceana Group and has served as CEO at Linebooker since March 2019. Educated at Grey College in Bloemfontein he went on to attain Bcom Economics, Logistics, Business Management (Stellenbosch). Q: How did Linebooker start [read more]

  • Linebooker CEO Naude Rademan

BizNews Radio Presenter stunned by Linebooker’s growth

Apr 11th, 2022|Tags: |

Linebooker - SA's home grown 'Uber of trucking, in four years already the size of Big Four, growing at over 10% a month. Linebooker CEO, Naudé Rademan, tells BizNews editor Alec Hogg about Linebooker's successful business model in this podcast episode of BizNews Radio. Four years ago,  Naudé Rademan and Nick Hoffman, long-time supply chain warehouse logistics and supply chain executives, founded Linebooker, the 'Uber' of trucking. They used their insights to work out a tech-driven solution for some obvious problems [read more]

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Linebooker – The New Order of Logistics and Transport

Apr 5th, 2022|Tags: |

Linebooker's logistics and transport is the the new order of business Linebooker is a logistics and transport company which offers access to the best in class trucks and freight services when you need them. Linebooker, South Africa’s Uber-like freight platform, is having a significant impact on the country’s transport economy, with wide scope for growth. In just four years Linebooker has become one of the largest operators in the industry and has signed up several blue-chip retailers, large mining businesses, mega-farmers, [read more]

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Ride-Share for the Freight and Transport Industry

Apr 4th, 2022|

Freight and transport logistics easier with Linebooker technology? Why struggle with the same small pool of transport services when you can have access to hundreds of companies and thousands of trucks, virtually instantly? The advent of ride-sharing platforms revolutionised the personal transport industry, allowing people to access a reasonably-priced ride within minutes, thereby opening up a new era of travel. Linebooker Technology Allows the Company to Match Loads With Available Trucks Quickly, Connecting Customers to Hundreds of Pre-vetted Transport Companies, Allowing [read more]

Transport logistics made easy?

Apr 4th, 2022|

Transport logistics made easy? JAMES FRANCIS investigates how digital technologies are impacting – and changing – the transport logistics industry. Few things express the convenience of our digital society as well as Uber. Customers can quickly order a car to take them exactly where they need to be, through one app. What started as a company where you could order limousine rides quickly became revolutionary. It radically cut the costs of taking a taxi and removed the ambiguity of hailing one [read more]

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Linebooker changing the logistics industry

Feb 14th, 2022|Tags: |

Linebooker changing the logistics industry Linebooker, South Africa’s leading freight platform, is changing the logistics industry. To date Linebooker has signed up some of the biggest names in the country’s economy as customers and transporters. Linebooker’s cloud-based freight matching platform allows customers to connect with all the top transport companies in SA (481 transport companies and 15455 trucks, fully vetted and approved). Customers can manage their current transport providers with efficient technology, or request fixed-lane rates, via the Linebooker platform with [read more]