What does Linebooker technology offer?

What does Linebooker technology offer?

Linebooker technology allows customers to manage all transport-related functions on one transparent, cloud-based platform. Customers can choose the full solution or whatever part is required for their business.

platform solutions

At Linebooker, our integrated suite of solutions empowers customers with the tools and operational support needed to manage transport operations and costs at a professional level. Collectively, these solutions offer a seamless way for customers to communicate, negotiate, and trade with the entire transport market, all while mitigating the complexities and risks associated with multiple transport service providers. Our central objective is to provide customers with consistent truck supply and lower transport costs.

transport procurement platform
expert consulting

Linebooker partners closely with your procurement team, leveraging our extensive network, in-depth knowledge, and data-driven insights into transport market conditions, pricing, and solutions. Our tech-driven Tender platform grants immediate access to a vast network of over 980+ top rated transport providers and 19,900+ trucks. This ensures optimal market rates and high-capacity fulfilment within record time.

allocation platform
africa’s total freight market control tower

Utilise Linebooker’s state-of-the-art platform technology to consolidate and streamline your transport operations. With full visibility into all movements and transport data, our Allocation Platform, combined with the expertise of the Linebooker operations team, acts as a seamless extension of your logistics team. Our Control Tower technology provides real-time visibility into every aspect of your operations, from volume allocation to vehicle availability, route changes, proof of deliveries, payments, and service level standards, all on a single, transparent platform. Our cloud-based solution can be easily implemented without disruption to your current workflows.

bidding platform
instant access to trucks

For immediate access to trucks, our Bidding platform offers a user-friendly solution. Send load requests to our extensive network of 19,900+ trucks and secure bookings within just 30 minutes. Linebooker takes care of all operational aspects, including insurance risks and payments to transporters. This fosters transparency among platform suppliers, cultivating a competitive market that can lead to reduced transport costs and increased truck availability.

outsourced operations
leveraging expertise

Leverage the experience and skill of the Linebooker Transport Operations Team for comprehensive support across the entire delivery cycle. Our team handles various operational tasks, including execution, expediting, risk management, administrative and financial responsibilities, as well as managing transporter documentation and payments. With thousands of operational scenarios addressed daily across diverse sectors, our team is well-equipped to handle any service requirement or operational challenge.

data & analytics platform
informed decision making

The Linebooker platform provides complete visibility into your transport movements, offering real-time data to drive informed decision-making within your business. Key metrics, such as vehicle supply percentages, on-time arrival, turnaround times, full lane rate analysis per route per transporter, and other live data, are readily available for download at any time. This transparency is especially crucial as businesses often lack visibility into their transport operations, which can result in significant, undisclosed costs.


Savings: 12%

Peak season truck supply:  100%

Years of service: 4

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