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Start-up to Disrupt SA Logistics With Uber-like Service

Johannesburg – A Cape Town start-up has become the Uber of the logistics industry, with a web-based platform allowing customers to be linked to logistics companies that transport goods and products.
Linebooker allows customers who need to transport goods to locations around the country to do so via their web- and mobile-based platforms.

A spinoff from the innovation arm of CCS Logistics (part of the Oceana Group), the company has launched an online bidding platform that connects bulk business transport customers and trucking companies to offer transparent pricing, as well as end-to-end delivery facilitation services.

Customers input their order, while logistics companies place bids for the order for a period of two hours.
Once the time is up, the logistics company with the lowest bid wins the order.

The company is composed of several former transport brokers and says that it is not – nor does it want to be – a transport brokerage. Just like Uber makes use of driver-partners, Linebookers makes use of logistics companies with their own trucks.

Linebooker managing director Naudé Rademan told Fin24 the company is aiming to disrupt the logistics industry.
“Linebooker is able to make the process of hiring logistics less manual, when traditional methods involve companies making multiple phone calls,” Rademan told Fin24.

“Now companies are able to find the cheapest quote for transportation through Linebooker,” he added.
Rademan, who is also a respected professional in South Africa’s logistics and road transport industry, said that since the company has facilitated the delivery of more than 1 000 loads, some customers have been able to save up to an average of 13% per load.

“It’s time for South Africa’s road freight industry to join the 21st century,” said Rademan.
“Technology exposes the imbalanced relation between buyers and sellers, and with our online tools and a single point of service, customers can enjoy more control and insights over the transport of various goods and products,” he added.

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